If at any point you decide you no longer want your puppy/dog, please do not take them to a pound. We will take the dog back (no refund will be made to you), and we will find a good, safe home for that pup. We are committed to not contributing to the millions of dogs who are homeless or euthanized each year because their owners just didn't want them anymore.

A Goldendoodle is a mix of the two most popular breeds: A Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are happy, fluffy, loving and loyal. Life Magazine called the Goldendoodle "The Perfect Dog". The Obama's almost got one, Usher and Jessica Szohr got into a bidding war over one! Szohr bid an impressive $11,000 in an attempt to take the animal home, but Usher dominated with an astonishing $12,000 bid for this coveted pup!

Goldendoodles have a great personality, like a golden retriever, and require less grooming than a poodle. They are among the top 5 most trainable dog breeds! They are gentle and fantastic with children.

Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic. They are low to NO shed, and their skin actually has less dander than most dogs! That means less cleaning AND less sneezing!

Goldendoodles are one of the only cross-breeds recognized by the AKC because they actually improve the health characteristics of both breeds! It's called "Hybrid Vigor". Goldendoodles are less likely to suffer from the eye/ear/hip problems that golden retrievers and poodle are infamous for.

They are usually highly affectionate, gentle, and patient.  They make a wonderful family companion, especially since they actively enjoy human company. They are loyal and with proper reward based training, can be highly obedient.  Harsh corrections could damage their confidence. They do have a playful side and can be mischievous if the mood hits.

They make fantastic therapy or service dogs because they are so gentle and patient. Goldendoodles' naturally loving personalities are perfect for just about any job involving human interaction. 

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No Pound Puppies

When we bought our dogs we insisted on finding the most elite breeding stock money could buy. I remember thinking, "Why are puppies so darn expensive?!?" I'm sure you've had the same thought. Then I had a few litters of my own puppies - now I know. If you are going to produce healthy puppies, from healthy adult dogs, it costs a lot of money. If you find puppies online for very little money, I promise they were either an accidental breeding from irresponsible pet owners, or they were produced by a puppy mill (aka: backyard breeder) who couldn't care less about the health or socialization of the puppies they produce.

Here is a very basic overview of costs so you can get a better idea:

  • Food - Feeding one dog is not a burden, but feeding four? Plus a litter of puppies? Two litters? What about the fact that nursing mom dogs eat 4x's as much as they ate before they had pups? We spend roughly $150 a month on dog food. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • Vet Bills - there are a variety of reasons our dogs go to the vet. Vaccinations, breeding tests, fecal tests, sicknesses, c-sections, general well-checks, dew claw removal, heartworm, antibiotics, etc. With multiple dogs, those costs really add up. C-sections can cost thousands of dollars. Dew claw removal was $450. Stud testing (for the father dogs) costs several thousands of dollars. Yikes!
  • Supplies -  whelping boxes, delivery tools, "worst case scenario" kits to save dying pups, medicines, formulas, heating pads, etc.
  • Time - when my first mom dog had her first litter of puppies, that was the hardest four days of my life! No sleep, no rest, 24 hour monitoring, supplementing, weighing, protecting, calming, etc. Mom dogs can squish or step on pups, even with the roll bars we had installed on our whelping boxes. Puppies can "guard" nipples and prevent the smaller pups from nursing, so they die in a matter of hours. Puppies push and shove when they eat, so the smaller ones, again, will miss out. Mom dogs will sometimes not take very good care of their pups, so that leaves me to bottle feed, stimulate poop/pee/gas, and clean up a dozen pups. That is a very time consuming job. There is so much more. The first several weeks of a puppy's life I am on duty day and night, aware of every squeak, cry, or whine.
  • So much more!

There are many costs to breeding dogs, if you want to do it right, but it is so rewarding too. I am forever changed after having taken part in the delivery of these pups, and I'll never doubt the value of a good, responsible breeder again.

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We stand behind the health of our dogs. If you buy a pup from us, you are responsible for taking that pup to the vet within 72 hours. If the vet deems that puppy unhealthy, we will take back the pup and refund your money 100%. Then we will get proper treatment to return the pup to full health. Your pup is also guaranteed to be free from genetic problems (hip dysplasia, eye problems, etc) for 2 years.

Here at Oodles of Doodles, AZ we have been a part of a professional breeding program for 20+ years. We are super excited to be branching off into our own journey with Goldendoodles. We are committed to producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies. We aim to improve the breed by only breeding from the highest quality stock.

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